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Subterranean termite tubes on a home - call Aggieland Pest and Lawn today to get rid of your termites!
Subterranean termite tubes on a home - call Aggieland Pest and Lawn today to get rid of your termites!

Termite Extermination - Guaranteed

No matter how your home is constructed, where it's located, or how old it is, subterranean termites can attack it. Termites are a threat across 70 percent of the world and in every part of the United States except Alaska. They cause $5 billion worth of damage each year in the U.S.

A termite inspection by a licensed professional is the first step in termite treatment and protecting your property from these voracious pests.

Aggieland Termite and Pest Control Offers a Free Inspection

If you suspect or have any concerns that you may have termites, please call us to schedule a free inspection. Most of the homes we inspect do not show any evidence of termites. If you do have termites, we will walk you through our extermination process. There is no cost or obligation for this inspection. You will receive a thorough inspection and honest evaluation.

The Best Product

Termidor® - America’s #1 Termite Defense, is a revolutionary non-repellent, or “undetectable,” chemical technology. When it comes to performance, there is really no need to mince words: absolutely nothing performs like Termidor®. 

Nothing eliminates subterranean termite infestations in and around structures faster or more effectively.  Termidor is the only termite control product in existence to achieve 100 percent control through 15 years of USDA Concrete Slab Tests.  No other currently available termite control product can match these results.  Pest management professionals have successfully protected over 4 million U.S. homes with Termidor since it was introduced in 2000. 

The Best Warranty 

Aggieland is so confident in our product and service that we provide a free 5 Year Warranty with a complete home treatment using Termidor. There is no need to pay annual renewal fees that can cost hundreds of dollars year after year. A Life-Time Warranty is provided for Aggieland Termite and Pest Control's full service pest control or lawn program customers.

The Best Service

Every technician at Aggieland Termite and Pest Control is fully licensed by the Texas Structural Pest Control Board for pest control applications.  We want you to be informed and will provide you with as much information and knowledge as you would like about termites and the treatment of your home. We are committed to providing you the absolute best service.

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By combining services such as indoor pest control with outdoor lawn treatments we are able to provide a pest free environment and a beautiful lawn at the same time. Customers also enjoy the savings associated with combining services. Our services are also available separately for those customers that do not require both.







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